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[REL] Grand Theft Auto Series - San Andreas version 1.3.0 - AkiraR - 01-21-2020

On version 1.3.0,

We've introduced a new file formatting system in which within the distributed modloader folder will be the predetermined priority levels for things to be loaded accordingly. Within the update we've removed a few plugins in which I took much joy in having to work. Then evidently I ended up forgetting how I got it to work. Long story short, I've removed it entirely.

Textures! I've removed quite a handful and replaced many of the textures within Vanilla. Some you may spot on right away but some others not so easily. Now when I say this, this does not take into the file shrinkage.

As for plugins, if we want to call a modified SAMPUI a plugin. We got one of those jammed in there. Sadly this is a plugin removing update but here soon I plan on working on decreasing the amount of plugins relying on solely two or four. At this time we've divided the plugins between what's reliant on the Game Engine and just _Extra_ Plugins.


Install on a fresh install.

- If you use additional modifications remember to prioritize them correctly in your Mod Loader options.
- In example, if you want that cool gun or car mod set it to 55 or 60.
- Why? The new file formatting system won't allow you to specify their priority between the primary folder.